Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Details


Me, and my lovely husband.
That's right. No kids. Just us. I'm so pleased our first visit is happening before we have any children to worry about. I have dreamt of this trip since I was a little girl, and we are going to enjoy it our way!


Staying at Saratoga Springs Resort, one of WDW's Deluxe Villa resorts.
We're not usually people who splurge on things, including holidays, but when it came to booking, there were a few things we wanted, one of which was the regular Disney Dining Plan. We initially looked at Port Orleans French Quarter, and checked the price for upgrading our free Quick Service Dining Plan to the regular DP. It would have cost us around £250 to make that upgrade. However, for £200 more we could upgrade to Saratoga Springs, which automatically upgraded our Dining Plan... win win!

Disney's Saratoga Springs at Night
Photo Credit: Jason Pratt


18th August - 25th August 2014
You may notice the countdown above. I am counting down. We are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary the week before, and so will save the actual celebrations for whilst we are away. Hooray!


Flying economy (sigh!) with BA, direct from Gatwick to MCO.
Thank you BA, for the £200 voucher after problems with our holiday in New York this summer. That took a nice dint out of the flight costs.

British Airways Boeing  777
Photo Credit: Michal Sosinski


I guess this is a "why now?" really. We had long promised ourselves we would use our inheritance money when my Granny died. This might seem a bit morbid, but for us this is a memorial trip. She was always a lot of fun, and we're doing something fun in memory of her.

I guess that's the basics... I'm sure they'll be more details to come soon!

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