Friday, 28 February 2014

Fireworks: Thank you WDTC! :)

When we booked our holiday, one of the Magical Extras that was included was "Preferred Viewing" of the fireworks at both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I found out last week I needed to book that, and so called at the weekend to try and book our slots for that. When I called, there was an option on the phone menu for Fireworks Reservations, but the CM I spoke to told me it wasn't possible to honour the extra (despite the fact it's on our invoice). I was unhappy about it, but as our phone line was very fuzzy, it wasn't the time to have a long conversation about it.

Fast-forward to Wednesday evening, when a friend tells us she has successfully made reservations for August 25th (several days after when we want ours)... so yesterday I tried again. Fortunately, I had access to a better phone line, and although the first CM I spoke said it wouldn't be possible, she offered to put me through to Reservations to check with them. So I spoke to Reservations (I think with a CM called Anne-Marie), who said of course they would honour our extra, as it was part of our booking, and sorted everything out for me in a couple of minutes. She was lovely, and very helpful (and congratulated us on the fact we're celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary whilst we're there). So, THANK YOU, ANNE-MARIE! :) I'm sure she'll never read this, but she made my day.

EPCOT Fireworks
Photo Credit: Jason Short

Another job done... and it'll soon be time to start thinking about FP+ options! :D

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