Sunday, 23 February 2014

ADRs are sorted! Yipee!

If you've planned a WDW trip of your own, you'll appreciate the excitement of being able to put some of your plans down in black and white at last. Whilst on holiday in Iceland last week, on a coach tour with patchy Wi-Fi, I managed to make most of my ADRs, and got the final one that wouldn't work when I got home.

So, our dining looks like this:
Tuesday 19th- Dinner at Mama Melrose (we LOVE Italian food) as part of the Fantasmic Dining Package.
Wednesday 20th- Dinner at Be Our Guest- so excited about this one. This was top of my list for our ADRs, and is one of the experiences on my Bucket List for this trip.
Thursday 21st- Dinner at Akerhaus Royal Banquet- we're going to meet the Princesses!
Friday 22nd- Dinner at Crystal Palace- meeting our friends from the 100 Acre Woods.
Saturday 23rd- Lunch at Tusker House- hello Mickey!
Sunday 24th- Dinner at Le Cellier- a special treat for my lovely husband, who will by that point have put up with a lot! He loves steak!

We're very happy with all our bookings- most came in within an hour of our ideal time, so we're well chuffed with that. Bring it on! 176 days to go!

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