Friday, 3 January 2014

Hello 2014! Happy New Year!

Or "I'm going to Walt Disney World this year!!"

Stars and Stripes
Photo Credit: Mark W

Hooray for 2014! It's here at last and I can say that we are going THIS year! Woo hoo! It is also January, which means soon (hopefully, very soon) Disney will be releasing the park opening times for August... once we know the opening times, we can start to make decisions on which park we want to visit on which day, and start to make decisions about where and when we might want for our ADRs when the bookings open up next month.

As there's been very little serious planning I've been able to do (as we booked all the major bits at once- we bought our flights from BA the same day we booked the package of Accommodation/Free Dining/Park Tickets), it feels good to know there's finally something we can do (I customised our magic bands nearly a month ago because I could, and I know I won't change my mind on colour before then).

As an aside, we are also taking a trip to Iceland next month (in fact, we will be out there when the 180 day window opens up, which is a slight pain), so as well as thinking about hot weather clothes and what we will need for our trip to Florida, I'm also trying to figure out acquiring thermals and the such like to keep me warm whilst in Iceland as I feel the cold big time!(I also don't deal well with heat... I have a very limited optimal operating temperature range, and think I may be being a glutton for punishment this year!)

Anyway, Happy New Year all! I hope it is a good one for you all! :)

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